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Our 30ml blend of liquid emulsified hemp-derived CBD oil is available in concentrations of 500, 750 and 1500 mg in a variety of wonderful flavors including peppermint, key lime and lemon lime. Consumption of CBD via Oil tincture has proven to be an effective way to introduce the cannabinoid into the bloodstream allowing the consumer to witness its benefits the fastest way possible. Many CBD oil users notice the benefits within hours of consumption.

Concentration levels of CBD indicate the ratio of pure CBD to the carrier oil. There is a range of concentrations available on the market. Cannaroo offers as low as 500 up to 1500milligrams.

Our bottle includes a measurement-level-marked dropper to provide easy consumption of CBD. Simply dispense the desired amount of mouth-watering oil under the tongue, hold for 30 to 60 seconds and then swallow. A full dropper (1ml) is considered a serving size.

Cannaroo’s CBD used in the tinctures is obtained from hemp plants that are farmed in the rich, fertile soils of Kentucky. The facility where the products are produced and bottled are FDA approved.

CBD Hemp Oils have gained fame over the past few years as it is slowly introduced and provided notable health improvements to thousands of consumers across the world. Many CBD oil users claim it has helped with depression, improves their sleep, provided relief from psoriasis, reduced their high blood pressure, and reduced various levels of pain. CBD Oil has received high notoriety over the notable evidence on the miraculous impact it has had on Charlotte Figi’s life. This little girl’s quality of life was drastically improved, if not saved, from the benefits that could only be associated from the use of CBD oil. (do a google search for Ted Talk on Charlottes use of CBD Oil).


Employing the latest methods of processing, the hemp used in Cannaroo products is dry sealed after it is harvested.  The freshly harvested hemp is dried and vacuum sealed within a 3 minute process which ensures all of the fresh nutrients are properly preserved.  The whole-plant cannabinoids are extracted from the plant via CO2 extraction into a crude extract oil which is then mixed with a carrier oil to the desired concentration level. A natural flavoring is then added. All of this is done in a food quality GMP-Compliant facility (FDA Approved Facility).


After the CBD Oil is produced, it is then tested by a third party lab to ensure it is safe and meets the highest standards of quality. Each shipment received by Cannaroo includes a COA (Certificate of Analysis) provided by the third-party lab and is matched to each batch of cbd oil that has been produced.


The product you are viewing now is Full-Spectrum as opposed to Isolate. Full-Spectrum means that that the oil contains dozens of cannabinoids including tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is, of course, the most known cannabinoid and is most often associated with Marijuana.   It is important to note there are two types of THC: psychoactive and nonpsychoative. Psychoactive means it affects the mind or mental processes while nonpsychoactive means it does NOT affect the mind or mental processes. CBD Full spectrum is nonpsychoactive and will NOT provide the “high” mind altering feeling.


Full spectrum CBD does contain small amounts of THC (less than 0.3%). This small amount of THC can show up on a drug test so if this is a concern for you, we suggest using our isolate cbd oil.


A study conducted in 2015 at the Hebrew University – Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem concluded that full spectrum was more effective than CBD isolate when fighting pain and inflammation. Many of our customers have tried both and while isolate seems to work better for some, full-spectrum seems to be equally better for others. It may require you test both over a period of time.


Cannaroo CBD oil contains cannabinoids that are natural compounds present in marijuana and hemp plants. There are about 85 types of cannabinoids of which some have significant medical value. These particular cannabinoids impact the body’s endocannabinoid system which regulates and stabilizes essential functions throughout the body.  According to Cannabo Medical Clinic, key health beneifts of CBD oil may include:

  • Pain relief – it is believed that CBD can reduce inflammation and alleviate pain by interacting with receptors in the brain and immune system.
  • Combat Axiety – growing research indicates benefits to mental health concerns including anxiety.
  • Diabetes Risks – some studies have been conducted on lab mice supporting CBD can benefit diabetics.


There are many, many stories about how CBD Oil has improved lives across the country. So many consumers are realizing the benefits of this natural and organic product. It does not take many conversations to find someone who know about CBD oil and uses it daily.

CBD for Pets


Our CBD Oil for pets is delivered to your loved one’s bowl in a delicious mouth-watering bacon flavor. They are sure to love this calming and refreshing addition to their daily bowl. We have seen pets with obvious muscle pain and joint inflammation run and play again. We have seen weather frightened doggies relax and wait out the storm. Our CBD Oil for pets is sure to be a delight for your furry friend.

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