CBD softgels 750 mg by Cannaroo

Gentle CBD softgels packed with 25 mg  of Pure CBD Isolate. 

CBD Softgels


This amazing Pain Relief Pure CBD comes in a softgel for a pleasant experience.  Gentle on the stomach, soothing muscles and easing pain away in just a couple of doses per day. For best results use daily. Great for inflammation, joint pain, arthritis, muscle aches, and more! Use daily for maximum results.


  • 25 mg of CBD
  • Clear, Clean Softgel for easy digestion
  • No THC, Non-Psychoactive
  • Third-party Lab tested



Cannaroo’s CBD used in the softgels is obtained from hemp plants that are farmed in the rich, fertile soils of Kentucky. The facility where the products are produced and bottled is GMP certified by FDA.

CBD Hemp Products have gained fame over the past few years as it is slowly introduced and provided notable health improvements to thousands of consumers across the world. Many CBD users claim it has helped with depression, improves their sleep, provided relief from psoriasis, reduced their high blood pressure, and reduced various levels of pain. CBD Oil has received high notoriety over the notable evidence on the miraculous impact it has had on Charlotte Figi’s life. This little girl’s quality of life was drastically improved, if not saved, from the benefits that could only be associated from the use of CBD oil. (do a google search for Ted Talk on Charlottes use of CBD Oil).

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