CBD Oil – Peppermint

Cool and subtle blend of CBD Oil with a minty flavor that is gentle on the palate. This Cannaroo CBD is not sour, not bitter, but a minty sweet taste without any hemp overtones. Peppermint is a spirit-filling flavor that will get you going. OVERVIEW OF THE PRODUCT: Our 30ml blend of liquid emulsified hemp-derived […]

Golf and CBD: Can CBD Put an End to the Yips

Whether you’re hitting the green for some relaxed, low-stakes fun or a high-stakes game with stiff competition, feeling anxious is just something most people have accepted as normal while playing golf. One little twitch, one little jerk could change the whole trajectory of your shot. That thought alone is enough to get my fingers twitching […]

Does Taste Matter For CBD Gummies? Of Course It Does

When considering what you want to use for your CBD product, consider the different effects that different products have on your body. If you are looking for a smooth feeling of relief with a great taste, CBD gummies will be the best. Cannaroo offers a great selection of CBD gummies. Shop our CBD gummy selections […]

Vegan CBD Gummies

Our gummies are all natural, vegan, and infused for an amazing taste. These powerful gummies pack a punch to reduce stress and promote relief. Made with pectin and natural coloring, our vegan gummies allow us to keep all of the good, and none of the bad.

Full-Spectrum: Full Spectrum CBD contains all of the therapeutic compounds found in its source plant with nothing removed, including up to 0.3% THC.

Isolate: CBD Isolate means that only pure CBD is in the product, with no other compounds such as additional terpines and cannabinoids from the source plant. CBD Isolate is a good choice for users wishing to completely avoid THC.

Common FAQs About CBD Pet Treats

Common FAQs About CBD Pet Treats And Why You Should Use CBD Oil in Pets Answered It is not a surprise that CBD is among the most popular choice in holistic wellness. Nonetheless, several questions revolve around the holistic remedy. If you want to dive into the CBD world and wonder how it may help […]

GOLD Natural CBD Oil 2400 mg – Full Spectrum

  • Packed with CBD 2400 mg per bottle
  • .3% THC Full Spectrum Entourage Effect
  • Metered Dropper for accurate delivery
  • 30 Servings of 1 ml
  • Special Cannaroo Carry Bag
  • Bold, Powerful, GOLD

Rich in Cannabinoids, GOLD Cannaroo is powerful, bold, and all-natural. Without heavy hemp overtones, this full spectrum blend, has a pleasant natural taste, similar to tea. If you are looking for maximum results in a CBD Oil product, GOLD Cannaroo is what you need. Feels smooth under the tongue. The maximum power of our GOLD Cannaroo will get you going.