Bacon CBD Pet Treats – Products Which Help With Pet Anxiety

Four items to comfort your anxious pets

Just like us, cats and dogs often experience bouts of anxiety. It could be separation anxiety causing your furry friend to act out in your absence. It could also be that scary mail carrier who tries to break in every day. Or it could be a million other things. Figuring out the source of your pet’s anxiety is a great place to start when trying to ease symptoms. You can also try Cannaroo pet CBD Soft Chews and Oils can help. We offer CBD soft pet chews that are bacon and cheese flavored, giving your pup the tasty treat they want and need. Read on for more products you can use to help with pet anxiety.

CBD Treats

CBD can be used to treat a slew of different issues, including seizures, pain, inflammation, and anxiety in both humans and animals. Incorporating CBD soft chew treats like Cannaroo’s CBD Soft Pet Chews into your pets daily routine will have them feeling calmer and more relaxed in no time.


We all have our own likes and dislikes, and that’s no different for our furry friends. Some are choosier than others and that’s okay! While it’s hard for us to comprehend a dog that doesn’t like our bacon flavored treats, for those who don’t, Cannaroo has all-natural CBD Pet Oil. We also offer bacon flavored CBD oil for those who like the versatility of oil and the flavor! It’s a little more versatile so it can be added to their food, favorite treat, or applied topically.

Beds and Blankets

There are numerous anti-anxiety beds and weighted blankets on the market for pets. The soft comforting material and the ability to curl up and hide away gives pets a sense of security and relaxation. Having a cozy safe space to snack on their daily Cannaroo CBD Soft Chews, will have your pet feeling calm and happy before you know it.

Essential Oils

This versatile option can be used topically, massaging onto your pet’s coat, or diffused into the air. Regardless of which method you choose, always exercise caution when using essential oils on pets. Typically, oils like lavender, frankincense, and tangerine are safe and calming for pets. Diffuse a few drops of lavender and give your pet their daily dose of Cannaroo CBD Pet Oil to have chill and happy pets.

As you can see, anxiety in pets can be easy to treat in many different ways. It may require some patience in order to find a remedy or mix of remedies that work well for your pets individual needs but your pets’ well being is so worth it. Start now by incorporating Cannaroo bacon flavored CBD Pet Oil and bacon flavored CBD Soft Chews in your pets daily routine for a happier, healthier and more confident pet!

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