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There are a number of different ways to use CBD with an option intended for almost every preference. Here are some of the most popular.

Oral Consumption – CBD can end up being consumed orally, which means to intake through the mouth. This method includes CBD edibles, CBD gummies, CBD capsules, etc.

Sublingual Consumption – Sublingual consumption means to administer the CBD oil under the tongue, where it is then absorbed into the bloodstream directly through the vein under the tongue. CBD oil tinctures are one of the most common ways to use CBD as this is more effective and economical compared to other methods

Inhaled or Vaporized – Vaporizing or inhaling CBD is usually another popular method of using CBD. CBD can be smoked since a raw flower, isolate, or concentrate, and it can be vaporized through a CBD vape pen or CBD vape juice . Since we only promote healthy use of CBD, we do not sell finished product that is intended to be inhaled/smoked.

Applied as a Topical – Topical applications involve applying CBD directly to the skin in the form of a topical, such as lotion, salve, roll-on, or cream. When applied topically, CBD is absorbed into the skin, where help alleviate surface layer symptoms such as pain and inflammation.

While on your search for CBD oil, you likely have stumbled upon terms such as full spectrum, broad spectrum, and CBD isolate. Understanding the difference between these three major types of CBD products is important in choosing the right product that is best for your unique needs.

Broad Spectrum CBD – Broad Spectrum refers to CBD oil products that are THC-free but still contain multiple cannabinoids and terpenes produced by its source plant. This CBD option still offers benefits for the entourage effect and can be a great option for users who are sensitive to THC, or who are wary about using products with THC.

Full Spectrum CBD – Full Spectrum CBD oil one of the most popular choices for CBD products by users, as it is considered to be one of the most effective and therapeutic options available on the market. This CBD oil option contains all the therapeutic compounds found in its source plant with nothing removed.

CBD Isolate – CBD Isolate is, as its name suggests, a product where all other compounds have been removed, thus isolating the CBD for a pure product. While CBD isolate is another option for users who want to avoid THC, they are missing out on the therapeutic benefits of additional natural terpenes and cannabinoids found in their source plant.