How Long Does It Take For Bacon CBD Dog Treats To Take Effect?

Using CBD Oil For Your Dog’s Pain Relief

Just like humans, our furry friends can suffer from arthritis, anxiety, and other ailments. When it comes to finding the right pain relief for your dog, you might be wondering what the best options are. Canaroo is focused on making tasty treats made with pet CBD oil to help your furry friend feel better. If you’re thinking about giving your dog CBD oil, you might be wondering how long it takes to work. Here, we’ll help answer your questions about how long it takes for our bacon-flavored CBD dog treats to take effect.

Your Dog’s Ailment

Many factors may influence how quickly CBD oil takes effect on your dog. The first factor to consider is what you’re using CBD oil to treat. For instance, if you’re using pet CBD oil to treat your dog’s anxiety, you’ll start to see the effects within 30 to 60 minutes. Whereas if you’re using CBD for pain relief for a chronic condition such as arthritis or joint pain, it can take up to a month to see results.

The Potency

The effect of the CBD treats on your dog will also depend on the dosage. CBD treats with a higher dosage can have a significant impact on how quickly the CBD will take effect. At Canaroo, our chewable bacon-flavored CBD dog treats have 5 mg of CBD. We recommend administering one chew for each 30lbs of your dog’s body weight. Make sure you wait up to 60 minutes before increasing the dosage. If you don’t notice the effects after this time, you can administer another CBD treat and wait again to see results.

The Delivery

CBD oil for dogs may work slower, or faster, depending on your delivery method. CBD oil delivered straight into your dog’s mouth will absorb into the bloodstream faster than products that are consumed with food. In this case, the effects will be felt within as little as 20-30 minutes. Whereas chewable CBD products, such as our bacon flavored CBD dog treats, can take up to an hour before they kick in.

Your Dog’s Body

You should keep in mind that the time it takes for CBD oil to take effect depends on the size and weight of your dog. Bigger dogs often require a higher dosage of CBD to feel the effects. However, each dog can respond differently to CBD oil. You should also keep in mind that the severity of your dog’s ailment can impact how quickly the treats will work. If your dog has severe arthritis or chronic pain, a lower dose will likely take longer to take effect.

Pet CBD oil has become a popular natural option for caring for your furry friend’s health. At Canaroo, we’re passionate about helping your dog live a happy and healthy life with the help of natural CBD pet products. If you’re thinking about giving your dog CBD oil to help with their ailment, shop our bacon-flavored CBD dog treats today!

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