Our CBD Dog Oils Are World-Class – Here’s Why!

Taking care of your four-legged friends means more than just feeding them. It means comforting and protecting them in all avenues of their life. Anxiety and stress management is  a highly overlooked aspect of pet care, but Cannaroo is starting to change that. Cannaroo has anxiety and stress treatments designed for your pets to enjoy. Shop Cannaroo’s pet care products to provide your pup with mental relief and comfort!

Anxiety relief

Research shows that over 70% of pups display anxious behaviors. Cannaroo wanted to lower the percentage of doggy distress, and so we made CBD oils made specifically for dogs. Dog CBD oil is a non-intoxicating but incredibly therapeutic chemical compound that is produced by the hemp cannabis plant. CBD produces relief from physical pain, mental strain, and many more great benefits.

Great Flavors

If you are a pet owner, you know that getting your pet to take medication is an uphill battle. Cannaroo knows this and wanted to create an easy experience for you and your pet. Cannaroo offers the best tasting CBD oil for dogs or other pets. With pet favorites like our peanut butter CBD oil or our bacon CBD oil, giving your pet care has never been easier!

Reliable Source

Not every pet CBD oil is truly that pet-friendly. With Cannaroo, you don’t have to worry about the safety of our products. Our experts have produced the highest quality CBD products designed specifically for your furry friends! Cannaroo pet CBD products are made only of truly organic and non-GMO ingredients, to make sure your pup is healthy physically and mentally.

Easy Purchase Process

At Cannaroo, we aim to provide easy access to care for you and your pup. The entire purchase process was centered around the customer’s experience. This is why we have made Cannaroo products easy to shop through, and easy to get! Shop all of our products, secure your purchase, and get quick delivery all through our website! Cannaroo offers speedy and quality delivery on all of our products.

Pets around the US are finally getting the care they need, with Cannaroo. With great flavors and better health benefits, pet owners can’t get enough of Cannaroo’s CBD products. Shop our pet-friendly products to get your furry friends the care they crave today with pet cbd oils!

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